Check Everything Before You Started: You Can Avoid Such A Regret Like Andrea’s Halt

Published On September 22, 2019

Due to an engine issue, Andrea Heimgartner has been withdrawn from CR Australia races at Queensland Raceway.

An oil pressure problem forced the Kiwi, The Kelly Racing driver, to grind to a halt towards the end of the 21 lap race.

For anyone who wishes to win a game, not only does the personal performance matter, but a car in a perfect state is also a necessary weapon.

At the end of last week, the team had despatched an engineer in Germany to help solve a series of engine troubles in its Astra TCR machines.

It could be an easy task to complete, however, TCR has regulated that the engines must be sealed, thus the squad’s trying to deal with the engine’s malfunction failed.

With no spare engine to use, Heimgartner’s sentry has to be withdrawn.

According to Todd Kelly, the team leader, felt shamed in the race when Andre’s car had an oil pressure problem because he started to show a bit of potential right at that moment.

If it was a normal Supercars’ situation they would have had the engine all over the floor that day, found the problem and then fixed it.

Unfortunately, they are not allowed to open it up and do anything.

They can’t touch it at all. It’s frustrating for them to realize that they don’t have a complete spare engine for the cars, so they’ll have to get one air freighted over for the next round.

It’s probably something simple and easy to fix if they were able to get to it. So Andre’s had to get on a flight on Saturday night for the second weekend in a row.

Meanwhile, Chris Pither is set to return to action after missing Saturday’s Race 1 with an engine issue that emerged after qualifying.

As the old saying goes, to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools.

It's not just the engine of a car, but every important part of a car is related to whether you can complete a perfect race performance or a smooth daily trip.

If you don't test your car parts in advance, you may be facing the same regret that you had the conditions to easily avoid the loss of this opportunity in the first place.

Next time, when opportunity comes, to check your car comprehensively and do everything you can to avoid any latent danger( every auto parts should be examined, including oil pump , fuel pumps, oxygen sensors), because the relationship between different automotive parts is like a team, any member of the chain can have a devastating impact on overall performance.