Where does Value Come from AI Gives Us Inspiration

Published On October 10, 2019

Over the years, there has been a fact that people cannot ignore that when using the iPhone, people tend to pay more for the mobile service itself and applications rather than spending more money on hardware devices than in the past. Similarly, when consumers buy cars, almost all the most innovative things are related to software.

Artificial intelligence service has become the most important value growth point in the automotive industry because chip-based technology can not only capture the information needed to drive a vehicle acutely, but also extend a variety of service content.

When people move from vehicle performance to autonomous driving, AI will help drive value by providing personalized services.

A study by pymnts.com shows that improving the connectivity and autonomy of transportation will one day create a $230 billion commuting business market. Passengers will be able to participate in a new "dashboard economy" that allows them to concentrate on shopping, facilitated by the in-car human-machine interface (HMI) and existing smart devices.

Affectiva is a company specializing in automotive AI services and automobile manufacturers' safety applications. The car will be a platform for testing content, customized according to the emotional response and the background of the people in the car. Cars can be an immersive experience like any social media platform. Target advertisements for services can be based on emotions and preferences. Sensors like cameras and microphones can check whether drivers are paying attention to the road, but they can also determine a person's emotional state and respond accordingly.

Artificial intelligence is not only used to capture the driver's entertainment needs but also to control the fuel pump assembly with chips. For example, F&S Always has such type of fuel pump which Smart Chip Pump for Chevrolet Cruze 2011-2015 (OE#: 13575940). Its top cover can cooperate with the ECU data acquisition plug, and its pressure sensor can provide pressure signals in the tank for the ECU to process. This chip-controlled product can save fuel to the greatest extent and is an economical and environmentally-friendly choice.