To Save a Money or to Choose Stable Future

Published On November 4, 2019

Last week, my friend Jacob told me about his own experience: nearly three years ago, he bought a second-hand Renault Clio, and the former owner changed a new fuel pump in the tank. When he drives to meet customers, he can always hear the hum of that fuel pump. Sometimes, even if the engine is off and the ignition key is in his pocket, the fuel pump will continue to make noise. He went to the garage to find out the situation, only to know that the excessive current consumption of the fuel pump damaged the fuel pump relay in the engine compartment. Excessive current consumption is a symptom of a fuel pump failure.

The exhausting OE fuel pump is difficult to build up enough pressure, sometimes attracting enough current to melt its electrical connector.

There are very cheap but low-quality electric fuel pumps to choose from in the market, but if you want to save a small fee and buy them, there are more hidden dangers than you think. A poor electric fuel pump can burn a $40 relay or an expensive control module.

Recently, the samples of these very cheap low-quality electric fuel pumps were analyzed by F&S Always. Here are some of the problems we found:

  1. After a vehicle crash, a defective rollover valve may not close and stop the fuel flow.
  2. A fuel outlet that does not meet SAE specifications can cause a high pressure fuel leak.
  3. A defective fuel level vent valve (FLVV) and / or an incorrect vehicle valve will prevent proper venting of the fuel tank and allow the fuel tank to overfill, which may cause flooding of emission system components such as the carbon canister.
  4. Residues of a partially cured fuel level float may cover the electrical contacts of the fuel level sensor.
  5. Poor fuel priming means that the engine will not start when the fuel level in the tank is low.

A good fuel pump should not be cheaper than the circulating water pump in your living room fish tank, but it doesn't have to be very expensive. Our fuel pump is just such a product with reasonable price and reliable quality. Jacob chose our fuel pumps according to my recommendation.

Those new fuel pumps run smoothly and perfectly. It's great that he told me not to tell his customers to be frightened by the huge complaints coming from under the seats.