The Secret of Winning Amazon's Favor—Innovation

Published On October 8, 2019

Tesla has met a strong rival in the field of electric trucks, Rivian.

Amazon announced that it would order 100,000 electric delivery vehicles from Rivian, an American electric car startup. This is the largest purchase order for light-duty electric vehicles in history, and it is also a turning point in the acceleration of the popularity of electric vehicles.

The purchase of electric vehicles was aimed at helping Amazon achieve its carbon neutrality goal by 2040 and at saving money by cutting its annual fuel budget.

Amazon employees and consumers around the world were planning protests to encourage the company to take measures to combat climate change. In fact, reducing carbon emissions is a very challenging goal for Amazon, which delivers 10 billion goods a year and has huge transportation and data centers.

Amazon's first electric trucks will be on the road by 2021 and reach the target of deploying 100,000 by 2024. A Rivian spokesman said that by the end of 2022, Amazon would have 10,000 electric trucks on the road.

At the November 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, Rivian unveiled two of its new cars, the pure electric SUV R1S, and the pure electric pickup R1T. The two cars, which combine the performance of electric vehicles with the practicality of traditional models, will provide more than 640 kilometers of charging range and will be on the market by the end of 2020. Ford executives are said to have taken an interest in Rivian's car after seeing it at the auto show last year, arguing that it is the most reliable large pure electric vehicle they have ever seen.

F&S Always builds our service on the base of innovation as Rivian, too. For example, in the aspect of EGTs , our products are quite different from OE parts. OE components, due to some design problems, are not long enough in life, difficult to adapt to a complex and changeable working environment and easy to be damaged. We overcome this defect and innovate vigorously on the first generation of OE components, just like Rivian combined the energy-saving benefit of electric vehicle and the practical integration of traditional cars, our research and development of EGTs is also committed to prolong life and maintain the original function.