Something You Must Learn when your VVT is Sick

Published On October 7, 2019

At the end of last month, we met a new friend, VVT. Now, assuming VVT is "ill", it will undoubtedly have some impact on your car performance, so, let us know some tips to solve our VVT system failure.

You may have heard about the consequence of VVT solenoid blocking---especially when the lubrication is not proper, the gear and the timing chain will be prematurely worn and even cause an entire break.

Firstly, since ECU monitored almost all auto parts in modern vehicles, mechanics often conclude where the failure existing through trouble code. Therefore, when the check engine light is on, you should know that this may be a signal that your VVT solenoid is failed. Next, you ought to find a local mechanic to discriminate where the problem precisely exists according to the codes different car manufacturers may have. So long as your mechanic can find the original information, the problem with the VVT system will be solved.

The second possible symptom is rough engine idle, it may occur when the VVT system is malfunctioning. If you do not check this condition in time, other engine parts can wear prematurely due to unexpected oil will be transported to the VVT gear.

Thirdly, if your engine oil has not been changed out on time, the VVT solenoid, the chain, and the gear drive could be damaged.

The VVT solenoid reaches the best state if the oil is not contaminated, which means no debris, no dirt, or other unexpected particles. Otherwise, the passage from the solenoid valve to the chain and gear will be blocked. Then how to get rid of this trouble? The best solution is to replace your engine oil according to the advice of your car makers because oil level not high enough condition can hamper your VVT solenoid and even the whole VVT system.

Last but not least, when intake and exhaust valves opening and closing at the wrong time, this can cause a decrease in fuel economy.

The main function of variable valve timing is to ensure that the valves open and close at the proper time to enhance the level of engine performance and control fuel consumption to a certain extent.

Therefore, a professional mechanic can do great help to you since they will check the car and recommend you to buy a new VVT solenoid when it is necessary, surely this will make your vehicle keep a good working station.