Fuel System Cleaner: It's Just The Right Time to Install

Published On October 6, 2019

After autumn, fog and haze weather accompanied by a temperature drop. In North China, one of the daily necessities of people in winter is haze masks. For some families with the elderly, children or respiratory system patients, air purifiers are also included in the shopping list in autumn and winter.

Why is air pollution worse in autumn and winter when the temperature is lower? Low temperature means slow gas diffusion rate, so that pollutants sink (air pollutants will rise when the temperature is high), plant leaves are less, and the ability to purify the air is lower because leaves cannot adhere to and absorb harmful substances as much as they can in higher temperature.

Maybe you live in an area where you can see blue skies and white clouds without haze, so it's not necessary to spend money on haze masks or air purifiers; you may pay special attention to car cleaning, make your BMW look spotless, or even allow your children to chew biscuits in the car, but as long as you are a little lazy, and fail to check the fuel strainer regularly, you may find that your strainer is much dirtier than your kitchen sewer sieve, and once these pollutants are blocked to a certain extent, your car will suffer as much as the lungs of people in foggy days - fuel pumps are likely to be unable to work, fuel injectors are likely to be blocked, and this unknown danger will most likely result in an unpredictable car breakdown. Why not make a small investment and a high return decision?

Choose our fuel strainer. It's a very small expense, but it can be the first line of defense for your car against contaminants in the fuel system, just like the water quality your water purifier provides you with confidence.

F&S Always strainerscan offer you excellent quality, which not only embodies in more than 40% more dirt-holding capacity but also uses multi-layer filter media so that even smaller debris and finer particles cannot bother you.

An F&S Always strainer will surely become a loyal guardian of the cleanliness of your tank.