Chinese Supplier Fight the NCP

Published On March 5, 2020

You know the Corona Virus Disease 2019, kidding, who doesn’t know. Today we don’t talk about the Virus, we talk about the Chinese Suppliers' response.

When the Virus breaks out and fast spread in China. Do you know How many people in China? Almost 1.4 billion! The face mask is a shortage suddenly. That becomes necessary for daily life. Not only that, the companies and Manufactures how to back to work if the employees without enough masks.

Do Not Worry. More solutions than problems, that is the Chinese Suppliers speak always.

Many suppliers include F&S Always set up the mask production line in a very short time. To support our suppliers’ employees' healthy and safety when they back to work. It also can donated to hospitals and other front-line.

Another special situation, you know Chinese workers are all around China, and many Chinese Companies, include F&S Always and Government rent the buses to pick up the employees to Company and equipped with professional medical staff in every bus to make sure the health and safety.