Cooperation: The Keyword Which Creating The Future

Published On September 18, 2019

BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd (BBA) is a joint venture between BMW Group and Huachen Automobile.

As a German automobile giant, BMW aims to further strengthen long-term cooperation with CBA, improve the production capacity of Shenyang, and continue to expand other vehicles including new energy vehicles (nev) and type localization. As a result, production capacity is being substantially increased by expanding existing plants.

At present, BBA is trying to increase its total capacity to 1.4 million units per year through two ongoing expansion projects.

Another automotive giant, Toyota, a representative of Japan's automotive industry, is also keen on international cooperation.

On September 10, Toyota set up a joint venture with Didi Chuxing, a Chinese passenger car giant. The joint venture, called Fengju Mobility (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., involves a registered capital of $157.95 million, of which $8 million is subscribed by Guangzhou Auto Toyota.

As early as July 25, Toyota has reached an agreement with Didi Chuxing to expand cooperation in the field of China Mobile as a Service (maas). As part of the agreement, Toyota will invest $600 million in the acquisition of Droplets and a joint venture with GAC Toyota to provide passenger car services.

The business scope of the new subsidiary covers automobile leasing, driving service, automobile, and automobile parts sales and other fields. In addition to Didi, the Japanese auto giant has also taken major steps in the global market. For example, Toyota started investing in Uber as early as 2015 and then announced in 2018 that it would invest another 500 million yuan in American-based automobile hitchhiking service providers. What's more, in April 2019, Toyota, Denso and Softbank Vision Fund announced that they would inject $1 billion into Uber ATG.

This investment is an investment in a newly established ATG entity to accelerate the development and commercialization of auto-carpooling services.

Like BMW and Toyota, we are also cooperating with world-renowned auto parts brands. For example, turbopump has been using carbon brushes of TRIS-Japan brand, Schunk-German brand, and other world's first brands.

The material of the impeller is the RPS plastic particle of RYTON. For the commutator on the rotor of the flex pumps, we choose the high-quality carbon commutator of Harada, Japan. The ultimate goal of adopting these foreign brands is to integrate advantages.

In a word, F&S Always’s raw materials come from reliable suppliers, for example, we choose the same supplies as Delphi, Bosch, Denso, and other major brands, and we share the same source, only in this way can we guarantee the quality of the original fundamentally.