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Chinese Supplier Fight the NCP

Do Not Worry. More solutions than problems, that is the Chinese Suppliers speak always.

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To Extend Service Life, We Consider More

No matter NiO or Xpeng Motors, (although they adopt different methods), they all work hard to extend the use time in the end. We are also committed to continuously developing technologies to extend the use time of products like those excellent start-ups.

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To Save a Money or to Choose Stable Future

A good fuel pump should not be cheaper than the circulating water pump in your living room fish tank, but it doesn't have to be very expensive.

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3 Rules You Must Obey to Maintain Fuel Injection System

The fuel injection system serves you and your car every day. Paying attention to the above details may save you a lot of money.

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Not Complying with the Standards Cost Nissan Dear

Although the screen and actual camera need not be replaced in this recall, Nissan has to bear the cost of installing software for free updates of rear-view cameras for recalled owners.

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Where does Value Come from AI Gives Us Inspiration

When people move from vehicle performance to autonomous driving, AI will help drive value by providing personalized services.

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The Secret of Winning Amazon's Favor—Innovation

Amazon employees and consumers around the world were planning protests to encourage the company to take measures to combat climate change.

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Something You Must Learn when your VVT is Sick

The main function of variable valve timing is to ensure that the valves open and close at the proper time to enhance the level of engine performance and control fuel consumption to a certain extent.

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Fuel System Cleaner: It's Just The Right Time to Install

Why is air pollution worse in autumn and winter when the temperature is lower? Low temperature means slow gas diffusion rate

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Check Everything Before You Started: You Can Avoid Such A Regret Like Andrea’s Halt

Check your car comprehensively and do everything you can to avoid any latent danger, the relationship between different automotive parts is like a team, any member of the chain can have a devastating impact on overall performance.

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Keeps You Far from Overheating Risk: Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

Why not let the exhaust gas temperature sensor help your car engine cool down? This device is much more meaningful to your car than air conditioning because no car owner wants his car engine to retire early.

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To Keep Safety Of Clients Or Just Catch Eye's: Uber's New Feature Promising

Over the past year, Uber has tested it in Los Angeles, Dallas and several other cities in the United States. Maybe it won't be long before this function will be extended to your city.